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Policies & Procedures

The Policy and Procedure Manual of The Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton is now published as an online listing of individual policies in PDF format. To read them, you will need Adobe Reader, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Consult the list below for current archdiocesan policies.
Click on the Maximize sign to open each section.

100 General Norms and Accountability Maximize
200 Temporal Goods of the Church Maximize
300 Human Resources Maximize
400 Clergy Maximize
400 Clergy - Permanent Deacons Minimize
No. Policy Name Promulgated
PD400  Structure and Responsibility  30 June 2010
PD401  Appointments  15 Aug 2016
PD402  Diaconal Faculties  30 June 2010
PD403   Diaconal Service Agreement  30 June 2010
PD403A   Diaconal Service Agreement  26 Aug 2016
PD404  Continuing Education  30 June 2010
PD404A   Annual Formation and Learning Plan  30 June 2010
PD405  Spiritual Direction  08 June 2010
PD406  Retreats  30 June 2010
PD407  Vesture  30 June 2010
PD408  Dress and Title  30 June 2010
PD408A  CCCB Decree 25 Ecclesiastical Dress  30 June 2010
PD409  Public Office  30 June 2010
PD410  Remuneration and Gifts  30 June 2010
PD411   Expenses  30 June 2010
PD412  Conflict Resolution Process  30 June 2010
PD413  Leaves of Absence  30 June 2010
PD414  Incardination  30 June 2010
PD415  Retirement from Diaconal Ministry  30 June 2010
PD416  Suspension and Loss of Clerical State  30 June 2010
PD417  Funerals of Permanent Deacons  30 June 2010
PD417A   Planning Form for Funeral of Deacon
   or  his Wife or Widow
 11 Oct 2016
500 Liturgy Maximize
600 Sacraments of Initiation Maximize
700 The Sacrament of Marriage Maximize
800 Archives & Sacramental Registers Maximize
900 Communications Maximize
1100 Parishes Maximize

More Policies

If you cannot locate a certain policy in the above tables, please open the original Policy and Procedure Manual and consult the Table of Contents.

This version was effective August 1, 2012.

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