Volunteer Management

As part of our initiative in Safe Environments and Abuse Prevention, the Archdiocese of Edmonton has strengthened screening and training requirements for all employees as well as for volunteers who serve in any parish or archdiocesan ministries or programs.

The Archdiocese will provide training for the designated Volunteer Coordinator in each parish to assist the parish in implementing the new Volunteer Management Policy so that we can ensure, to the best of our ability, that all programs and ministries operate within safe environments.

Policy documents are available in Section 300 of our Policies page.


Volunteer Management Resource Centre

Some Position Descriptions for Volunteers

Risk Assessment

Resource Date
361A – Risk Assessment Checklist 1 July 2013
361B – Risk Reduction Strategies 1 March 2012

Position Description

Resource Date
361C Ministry Program Position Description Template .doc (Word™) 15 July 2012
Ministry Program Position Description Sample 15 July 2012

Recruitment Process

Reference: Volunteer Canada’s resouirces for engaging older adults
Reference: Volunteer Canada’s resources for engaging youth

Information Form

Resource Date
361D – Volunteer Information Form 1 July 2013
361I – Volunteer Driver Information 1 July 2013
361G – Covenant of Care Form (revised) 28 February 2014

Covenant of Care-Related Policies

Policy Date
353 – Workplace Violence 1 October 2010
354-360 Grouped – Abuse Policy 1 Nov 2017
354H – Physical Contact (revised) 28 February 2014

Discernment Meeting

Resource Date
361E – Discernment Meeting Template (PDF)
361E – Discernment Meeting Template.doc (Word™)
1 July 2013

Checking References

Resource Date
361F – Reference Check Template 1 July 2013
Volunteer Reference Checking Guidelines 12 June 2012

Records Checks

Resource Date
PIC Instruction Sheet for Volunteers 16 July 2012
Sample PIC Form 16 July 2012
Guide to PIC Processing for VCs 16 July 2012
PIC Applicant List 16 July 2012
Sample PIC Applicant List 16 July 2012
Volunteer PIC More Info EPS Template (Word™) 16 July 2012
CRC Instruction Sheet for Volunteers 16 July 2012
Volunteer Confirmation Letter for RCMP Template (Word™) 12 June 2012
IRC Instruction Sheet for Volunteers 16 July 2012
Sample IRC Form 16 July 2012
Obtaining Forms for Records Checks 16 July 2012

Orientation and Training

These documents are currently under development.

Supervision and Evaluation

Resource Date
361H – Self Review for Volunteers/Volunteer Leaders 1 March 2012

Participant Follow-up

These documents are currently under development.

Personnel File Management

Resource Date
Managing Volunteer Personnel Files 12 June 2012