People of Mission

Promises of our Archdiocesan Culture


Ever thankful and receptive to the gifts of the Lord, we honour each other as disciples, and, under grace, strategically approach all endeavours as a fruitful expression of mission.


We foster ecclesial communion, gracious in our unity in Christ and embracing the diversity of our backgrounds, experiences, ideas, and perspectives.


Receptive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit, we engage fully and collegially in making just, informed decisions that promote and reflect the mission of the Church.


Confident in the Lord and one another, we collaboratively build a transparent, open environment.


We serve the mission as faith-filled stewards with the joy and boldness that comes from the Holy Spirit

Our commitments to each other

  • We will engage in prayerful practices that ground us in our mission.
  • We will invest the time and energy to cultivate and sustain trusting relationships with each other.
  • We will work in the best interest of each other, intentionally helping one another succeed, without waiting to be asked.
  • We will embrace one another’s gifts and talents, roles, responsibilities and challenges as valuable to our collective ministry.
  • We will be attentive to one another, meeting and accepting each other where we are in our personal and professional journeys.
  • We will find joy and gratitude in our work and express it freely.
  • We will listen actively and show up fully for each conversation—body, mind, and spirit.
  • We will challenge each other’s ideas, assumptions, and perceptions with humility, respect, compassion, and patience.
  • We will be transparent and proactive in our communication, sharing information openly, responding to questions honestly, and always ensuring accessible feedback loops are in place.
  • We will enjoy humour wisely and often.
  • We will be receptive to receiving and integrating feedback about our ideas, perceptions, and decisions.
  • We will empower ourselves and each other to have the agency to make evidence-based decisions, take bold and measured risk, and be responsible for our decisions.
  • We will discuss and learn from failures, recognizing them as essential for creativity and innovation; we support each other to correct mistakes striving for excellence, rather than perfection.
  • We will be deliberate in our efforts to continually learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • We will set reasonable boundaries with colleagues and those we serve; colleagues are free and welcome to ask for what they need and are graceful in understanding their needs cannot always be fully met.