Accounting and Finance

The Finance Office is responsible for managing the temporal resources of the Archdiocese. This includes accounting, financial reporting, budgets, investments, human resources, group benefits plan, and all matters related to archdiocesan properties. The office provides accounting and financial expertise for the Pastoral & Administrative Offices, clergy, lay personnel and to parishes and other associated Catholic entities as appropriate.

Finance Office Staff

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Mission Services Senior Lead Deacon Wayne Provençal 780-469-1010 Ext. 2437
Finance Lead Lorna Gawlinski 780-469-1010 Ext. 2440
Finance Assistant Marian Fougere 780-469-1010 Ext. 2125
Finance Assistant Renee Kuang 780-469-1010 Ext. 2126
Finance Assistant Aurea Lanon 780-469-1010 Ext. 2124

Key Activities


Provide standardized operating policies and procedures to enable parishes to effectively manage their resources and to provide accounting for the Pastoral & Administrative Offices, ministries’ offices, St. Joseph Priests’ Foundation, and other related Catholic entities as appropriate.


Provide direction and support to ensure that our parishes and offices are in compliance with applicable federal/provincial/municipal and archdiocesan laws/rules and regulations.


Prepare the annual financial statements for audit and publication, for the Archdiocese and St. Joseph Priests’ Foundation. Review with archdiocesan committees major capital expenditures of parishes. Review and monitor the financial performance of the Archdiocese, the parishes, and other related Catholic entities as appropriate. Administer the property and liability insurance programs for the Archdiocese.


Monitor and ensure compliance with comprehensive banking agreement and archdiocesan policies. Maintain banking arrangements, financing and reporting requirements for the Archdiocese and parishes.