Personal Sacramental Record Search

Obtaining Your Sacramental Record

If you need a copy of your own sacramental record, or your minor child’s, please contact the parish where the sacrament was received or celebrated. With a few exceptions, it is the parish that keeps its own baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial registers. To find the contact information of churches, please click on the parish locator.

If the parish has closed, you will find the location of the registers here: Registers of Closed, Merged, or Twinned Parishes.

Canadian Armed Forces

For sacraments conferred in a Canadian Armed Forces chapel, it is the Roman Catholic Military Ordinariate of Canada that keeps the sacramental registers regardless as to the location of the chapel and whether it is open or closed.

Instructions on how request a certificate:

Need help?

If you don’t recall the name of the church, we can certainly help by performing a search. Please fill out the form linked below, save and send as an attachment to:

If the sacrament was conferred in a church in another diocese or outside of Canada  you will need to contact them yourself.