Rebuild Update: Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples

13 July 2022

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples was damaged by fire, sustaining serious damage which requires rebuilding and upgrades. Sacred Heart church was designated as a national Indigenous Parish in 1991. It serves indigenous peoples and settlers as natural hub for Catholic reconciliation work in the Edmonton area.

The campaign to rebuild Sacred Heart Church of the First Peoples offers each of us a unique and privileged opportunity to restore relationships between settlers of Canada and its First Peoples by renewing this house of prayer for all peoples.

Archbishop Richard Smith and Sacred Heart pastor Rev. Susai Jesu, together with priests throughout our Archdiocese, are sharing this letter, video, and brochure with all parishes and their parishioners to explain the project, its deep significance, and to call upon all local Catholics to act in support of the rebuilding.

A note about the fire to prevent misinformation: From a report, Edmonton Fire Rescue has determined that the August 2020 fire was accidental. Smouldering ashes after a traditional smudging ceremony was the cause.

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