Pew collections will support Pope’s visit to Canada

08 June 2022

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

We are delighted to share the joy of the upcoming pastoral visit by Pope Francis to Canada on July 24-29, 2022. Today, we are sharing a letter from His Grace. In the letter, he addresses the purpose of the visit, as well as the associated costs.

There will be two pew collections within the Archdiocese, on June 18-19 and on July 23-24. Pope Francis arrives in Canada on July 24.

We’re sharing this letter on the Archdiocese website which we would ask you to share. Electronic donations can be made through this Canada Helps link. Parish cheques from these collections must be remitted directly to the Archdiocese of Edmonton as per the usual process.

June 8, 2022

Re: Walking Together: Papal visit to Canada July 24-29

Dear Faithful in Christ,

We are delighted to share the joy of the upcoming pastoral visit by Pope Francis to Canada on July 24-29, 2022. During this visit, the Holy Father will engage with former students of Canada’s residential schools and other Indigenous Peoples, continuing from his encounter with the delegates who visited him in Rome last April. As universal Shepherd of the Church, he is also coming to be with us all.

This visit will be one of healing, hope and reconciliation that we hope will be a watershed moment for the Indigenous Peoples of this land and the Church’s relationship with them. As you know, the Vatican has confirmed that the Holy Father will utilize three hubs for the visit to Canada: Edmonton, Quebec City and Iqaluit. It will be a much more modest visit than a usual papal pilgrimage, due to the Holy Father’s age, health, and mobility issues.

Still, there are costs associated with the visit. These include such things as lodging and event security for participants; event production costs (e.g. staging, lighting and sound systems); and site logistics (e.g. toilets, power, internet, Wi-Fi, and communications equipment for volunteers). National organizers estimate the total cost of the visit at $15 million, and are working to secure support from all levels of government as well as the private sector.

I write to invite and encourage you to make a donation to help with these costs. Thank you for your generosity. In addition, there will be two pew collections within the Archdiocese of Edmonton. The first will be June 18-19, prior to National Indigenous Peoples Day on June 21. The second collection will be July 23-24. Pope Francis arrives in Canada on July 24.

Please note that the $30 million commitment recently announced by the CCCB (Indigenous Reconciliation Fund (IRF)) to support local Indigenous healing and reconciliation initiatives across the country is separate from this collection. None of those funds will be used to cover the expenses of this papal visit. For your information, the portion to be contributed to the IRF by the Archdiocese of Edmonton has already been raised.

I ask that you show your support for Pope Francis’s journey and the value and importance of this encounter with the Indigenous Peoples of this land. We are grateful for all gifts, regardless of amount.

Donations may be made:

For more information, please visit The site  includes an online form for people to register as volunteers.

Confident that you are always ready to serve in times of need, I am ever thankful. May God bless you for your support and prayers.

Sincerely in Christ,

✠Richard W. Smith
Archbishop of Edmonton
General Coordinator, CCCB Office of the Papal Visit 2022