Living In The Word (Reflections on Holy Scriptures) with Sr. Michelle Langlois

06 April 2022

Appears in: Archdiocesan NewsColumnists

Sister Michelle Langlois gives her video reflection on the readings for the upcoming Holy Week. She explores this upcoming Sunday’s scriptural message and how we are called to continue the work of Jesus Christ in the Gospel.

As Easter approaches, Sister Michelle reminds us that after Jesus has suffered his passion, we also endure unnecessary pain due to hatred in some human hearts. We can mourn the harms being done in our world, and move forward despite international conflicts, historical injustices, and lost potential, and not allow it to continue, but we can as Jesus showed us, contribute to a better future.

Sister Michelle Langlois, fcJ is chaplain and a teacher. She was honoured in 2021 with the Excellence in Catholic Education award from the Edmonton Catholic School Division.

Living in the Word  (Reflections on Holy Scriptures) is a series of bi-weekly reflections on Holy Scriptures by Priests and Religious in the Archdiocese of Edmonton.