Chrism Mass celebrated at St. Joseph’s Basilica

05 April 2023

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

The Chrism Mass is an annual liturgy celebrated in the Church where the three anointing oils are consecrated by the Archbishop: The oil of the sick, the oil of catechumens, and the oil of chrism.

“Chrism” comes from the Greek word which means “anointing” or “to be set apart” and as the primary oil for sacramental anointing, Chrism oil is used for Baptism, Confirmation, ordination to the priesthood and the consecration of Catholic churches.

Archbishop Smith greets people after celebrating the Chrism Mass April 3.

The priests from all across the Archdiocese gather at the Basilica, along with four representatives from each parish, and they receive the blessed oils to bring back to their respective parishes.

It is also customary in our Archdiocese for all the priests to renew their priestly vows during the liturgy. This collective renewal of vows happens occurs after the homily.

Enjoy these photos from this week’s Chrism Mass at St. Joseph’s Cathedral Basilica in Edmonton.

The Chrism Mass was celebrated April 3 at St. Joseph’s Basilica.

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