Catholic Women’s League returns to local Indigenous church

23 February 2023

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

The Catholic Women’s League has returned with strength and vision to Sacred Heart Church of The First Peoples.

A blessing over the return of the Catholic Women’s League to Sacred heart Church on February 19, 2023. Picture: Mary Malloy.

At the 11:30am Mass on Feb. 19, the Sacred Heart community marked the reactivation of their longstanding membership with the Catholic Women’s League by honoring the eighteen women who are currently members of Sacred Heart’s CWL chapter. Following the Mass there was a reception in the St. Kateri Hall, where parishioners were able to meet and ask questions about the new initiatives that the local CWL are leading.

Candida Shepherd is the president for the Sacred Heart CWL and she is leading the way for this revitalized chapter of the CWL with Anna Beaulieu (vice president), Michelle Belanger (service lead), and Judith Frank (social justice lead).

Candida Shepherd with other members of the Sacred Heart chapter of the CWL. Picture: Mary Malloy.

The Sacred Heart CWL are leading many initiatives in the coming months, including events of Indigenous cultural engagement, hot meals prepared for ministry events, and participation in the upcoming Red Dress Day March, in honor of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. For more information on these events go to:

Women 16 years and old are welcome to join the CWL at Sacred Heart Church. Contact Candida Shepherd for more information: