Everyday Heroes: A final Thank You!

21 November 2021

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

For the past three weeks, we here at the Archdiocese have been bringing you inspiring stories of everyday heroes through our social media campaign: #CatholicsInAction, #EverydayHeroes.

Our heroes include doctors, nurses, custodians, firefighters, social workers, police officers, first responders, postal workers, retail employees, teachers, colleagues, parents, children, and many Catholic volunteers. These Catholic community members went above and beyond to present the face of Christ, selflessly and patiently to all us, during the course of these 20 months of pandemic.

Each and every one of them provides an exceptional example of first hearing the Word of God, and then responding to God’s Word through their life of worship, witness, and service.

As we conclude our campaign, we would like to say a profound Thank You on behalf of His Grace Archbishop Richard Smith and ourselves, to all of these #HeroesInFaith.

Thank you for your faithful and devoted service, for your commitment and unwavering service to people in your care. Thank you for all you do to overcome the challenge that is the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are our heroes! We are honoured to know you and we applaud you!

In Christ,

Joan Hertz & Fr. Jim Corrigan
Archbishop’s Dinner Co-Chairs