Everyday Heroes: Service to the vulnerable

05 November 2021

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

Service to the vulnerable

COVID -19 made no distinction among those it infected. Seniors, people living with disabilities and vulnerable brothers and sisters were disproportionally impacted by lockdowns and other restrictions aimed at mitigating the spread of the virus. Not able to see their family members, locked in their rooms at senior homes, hospitals or other facilities they suffered form loneliness and disappointment.

We saw countless creative ideas their family members tried to stay “socially distant” but connected. Staff at our Catholic social service and support agencies rose to the challenge by bringing different activities inside the residences. They go above and beyond to bring friendship, hope and smiles in a safe manner.

Mini rodeo at Our Lady of the Rosary

Summer in Alberta often includes rodeos.

Residents at Our Lady of the Rosary Hospital in Castor got to enjoy a mini rodeo. Recreation therapy staff dressed as sheriffs. The residents wore cowboy hats. They played games that included shooting at cups with Nerf guns, roping a rocking horse, milking a cow and feeding a calf.

Therapy assistant Jenessa Dunkle says residents had a great time. “When I walked by to pick something up, residents would shoot at me and ask each other how many points I was worth. They are also very competitive, so we publish our ‘winners’ in our site newspaper.”

Volunteers also brought ducks for residents to meet and pet. All the animals were a huge hit. “Some of our residents don’t like going outside very much, but everyone went outside to see and pet the animals,” says Jenessa.

Learn more about the great work Covenant Health staff are doing in the community by visiting www.covenantstrong.ca