Videos cover the positions taken by major federal parties on Catholic issues

07 September 2021

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

The group has shared videos from a Catholic virtual major-parties forum for the upcoming Monday, September 20 federal election.

The videos feature representatives from Canada’s Liberal, Conservative, and New Democratic Parties answering questions on key issues from the perspective of Catholic social teaching. The parties to their credit each nominated Catholic representatives, and all three helpfully and thoughtfully framed their parties’ policy commitments through the Catholic faith, quoting extensively from papal encyclicals, the Gospel, and other sources.

These videos include a full-length video of the entire forum, featuring all the questions and all the answers from every party; videos with all the answers from each individual party; and shorter clips with every party’s answer to specific questions. There are also multiple edited clips, so viewers can more easily hone in on particular parties and issues.

The main video above features all answers from all parties. Below it is broken down and edited into sections on specifics:

All answers from each major federal parties:

  • Liberal Party (represented by Minister Filomena Tassi, Liberal candidate in Hamilton, Ontario, and Canada’s Labour Minister)
  • Conservative Party (represented by Garnett Genuis, Conservative candidate in Edmonton, Alberta)
  • New Democratic Party (represented by Norm Di Pasquale, NDP candidate in Toronto, Ontario, and trustee for the Toronto Catholic District School Board)

On life and dignity of the human person:

On Reconciliation with Canada’s Indigenous peoples:

On an economy at the service of people:

On care for God’s creation:

On rights, responsibilities, and participation in society:

On solidarity:

On Canadian culture: