2023 Holy Week Services

Lent is flying by and Easter is fast approaching.

Did you know we have Lenten resources to make this time more meaningful? Click for more, including a schedule of all the Holy Week and Lenten Penitential scheduled events that parishes have sent to the Archdiocese:

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Left Footers: How does a Catholic date?

26 September 2019

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

Mike Landry, Fr. Marc Cramer and Sara Dmitri talk about 1990’s “Purity Culture” and the impact it had on christian dating. How does a Catholic date? Are there rules, and are there boundaries?


Left-Footers is a talk show hosted by guests from the community within the Archdiocese of Edmonton. A show in which guests chat over a beer about random stuff and pop culture, with Catholic topics and themes thrown into the mix.