Mercy, gratitude highlighted in 2016 annual report

11 August 2017

Appears in: Archdiocesan News

The Archdiocese has posted its Annual Report for 2016.

In his introductory letter to the report, Archbishop Richard Smith reflects on the Jubilee Year of Mercy, reviews the pastoral highlights of 2016 in the Archdiocese, and expresses gratitude for the continuing generosity of parishioners.

“The Year of Mercy was also an invitation to love, kindness, and generosity, and I witnessed these many times, in many places across the Archdiocese in 2016,” the Archbishop writes. “Your support of the Together We Serve appeal enabled us to distribute more funds to charities than we did in 2015. Your response to the emergency appeal for victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti surpassed that of any other diocese in Canada.

“When the devastating wildfires hit Fort McMurray, you answered generously with donations to the Diocese of St. Paul. I know many of you have extended your personal generosity as well to our youth camps, refugee sponsorships, missions, church building funds, and countless other causes.

“Your willingness to share the gifts that God has given you, and to answer the cries of those in need, despite your own hardships, is truly inspiring.“

The Annual Report is intended as a yearly accounting to the people of the Archdiocese. Operating revenues for the Archdiocese are collected from parishes through an assessment called the cathedraticum. The current assessment is 22 per cent of regular Sunday collections.

In 2016 the cathedraticum provided $4.4 million, while departmental operating expenses came in at $5.7 million. The net operational surplus for 2016 was $52,336, compared with a net operational deficit of $58,878 in 2015.

“The Year of Mercy was also an invitation to love, kindness, and generosity, and I witnessed these many times, in many places across the Archdiocese in 2016.”

Among the new initiatives in 2016 were the establishment of an Aboriginal Relations Office, the restructuring of the Communications Office, and the addition of the Diocese of Mackenzie-Fort Smith to the family of charitable partners in the Together We Serve appeal.

“My prayer at the beginning of the Jubilee of Mercy was that it be an occasion of deep and joyful conversion for each and every member of this Archdiocese,” Archbishop Smith writes. “It was gratifying to see the thousands of people who made a pilgrimage to the Holy Door at St. Joseph’s Basilica as part of their conversion journey. On December 13, our Year of Mercy officially ended in the Archdiocese with the closing of the Holy Door.

“Our course, the mercy of Our Lord is without end, and we must remember that regardless of our human weaknesses, He never tires of extending His mercy and forgiveness to each one of us. Please be assured that all your prayers, all your own acts of mercy toward others, and every gift you share during the Sunday collection are deeply appreciated. “

To see the complete Annual Report 2016 or to review the Archdiocesan Financial Statements as audited by Doyle & Company, please visit our Finance Office page. Printed copies will be made available to parishes shortly.

To see the annual Charity Information Return filed by the Archdiocese, visit the Canada Revenue Agency filing. If you have further questions, please contact the Finance Office at 780-469-1010.

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