Information for Donors

Thank you for being a Together We Serve V.I.P.

Together We Serve was designed as a sign of unity in the local Church – Catholics working together to build the Kingdom of God. But there can be no WE without YOU! You are a Very Important Person – whether you are already a Together We Serve donor or have come here to learn more. We invite you to visit often, as we will add stories and videos about our beneficiaries and campaign activities throughout the year. Thank you for being here and thank you for being YOU.

70% of funds will be allocated to local Catholic organizations and community needs, 15% will be allocated to needs in the Canadian Church, and 15% will be allocated to three international collections mandated by the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops. See 'How Gifts are Shared' for more information.
Together We Serve was designed as a sign of unity in the local Church. The beneficiaries are fully supported by Archbishop Smith, and all play an important role in building up the Church and carrying out her mission at home and abroad. Designation by donors would work against this sign of unity and, therefore, is not an option for donors.
By all means, give! Together We Serve does not replace individual charitable giving to those organizations and causes that are near and dear to you. In fact, most of our Together We Serve beneficiaries reach out to their own supporters through modest fund raising appeals. If you are a supporter, please give!
Yes. When disasters or other emergencies occur, our Local Church will respond through special collections and other relief efforts. Because these events are unpredictable and emergent, they are not included in Together We Serve.
Only you can answer that question. As disciples of Christ, we should listen to how God might be calling each of us to serve others through our charitable giving – and to respond generously in gratitude for the abundance we have received. We invite you to take the time to pray about it and discern how Together We Serve fits into your life of discipleship. Here are some starting points you might consider:
  • Do I want to give monthly, annually, or just when I have a little extra to share?
  • How much am I already giving to my parish and other charities? While Catholics are not required to tithe, many Christians try to give between 5-10% of their gross or net income to church and charity.
  • Give what you can. The average annual gift to Together We Serve is just under $500, but that simply means that half give more than $500 and half give less.
  • If I am already giving to Together We Serve, can I give more? Many of us fall into a comfort zone with our parish and charitable giving and don’t stop to think about how the organizations we support are affected by things like inflation and increasing costs (just like in our own families).
There are many ways to give to Together We Serve. Choose the one that works for you.
  • By credit card. Check with your parish office to see if your parish accepts credit card donations, or click here to donate online. Your gift will be counted toward your Parish Target (when you select your parish name).
  • By pre-authorized debit to your parish. Your donation to Together We Serve can be directly deposited in your parish bank account, every month, every quarter or according to any schedule you request. Most parishes now offer PAD. Contact your parish office for more information.
  • By donation envelope. Most parishes provide Together We Serve envelopes in their envelope boxes (often monthly). The Archdiocese also printsTogether We Serve envelopes and distributes them to parishes. You can use Together We Serve envelopes year-round and/or on special collection days to make a donation by cash, cheque or credit card.
  • By e-transfer. This is a good option if you want to make a donation to Together We Serve without leaving home! Contact your parish office for more information.
  • Mail or drop-off your donation to your parish office at:
      Archdiocese Pastoral and Administration Office
      8421 - 101 Avenue NW
      Edmonton AB T6A 0L1.

    Be sure to clearly indicate that it is for Together We Serve.

Donate now, click on:   

For more information about TWS contact:

TWS Campaign Coordinator: Alana LaPerle
Phone: 780-469-1010 ex 2157  Cell: 780-446-9009

Donor Engagement Lead: Stéphane Haché
Phone: 780-469-1010 ext. 2140