Ministries & Services

Archbishop of Edmonton Most Rev. Richard W. Smith

Principal Secretary Julien Hammond Ext. 2133
Executive Assistant
to the Archbishop
Suzanne Brohier Ext. 2438
Volunteer Services and
Safe Environments Lead
Lucy Kaakyo Ext. 2134
Administrative Assistant Mona Dolan Ext. 2151
Administrative Assistant Sophie Chlebek Ext. 2135
Administrative Assistant Jennifer Dela Cruz Ext. 2138

Chancellor Rev. Adam Lech Ext. 2123
Vice Chancellor Deacon Francis Lau 780-469-4446 Ext. 2174
Archives Lead Lea de la Paz Ext. 2142

Mission Advancement
Senior Lead
Marion Haggarty-France 780-392-2456
Communications Lead Andrew Ehrkamp Ext. 2441
Communications Coordinator Lincoln Ho Ext. 2160
Communications Coordinator Matthew Bodnarek Ext. 2163
Web Coordinator Alan Schietzsch Ext. 2161
Donor Engagement Lead Stéphane Haché Ext. 2140
Donor Engagement Coordinator Maria Baca Ext. 2137
Events Lead Anna Jaremko Ext. 2139

Mission Leadership
Senior Lead
Rev. Paul Kavanagh Ext. 2153
Diaconal Formation Lead Deacon Gem Mella Ext. 2152
Mission Formation Lead
– Parish
Rev. Kris Schmidt Ext. 2156
Worship and Liturgy Lead Rev. Paul Kavanagh Ext. 2153
Mission Vocation Lead Rev. Marc Cramer Ext. 2310

Mission Engagement
Senior Lead
Vacant Ext. 2133

Tribunal and
Canonical Affairs
Rev. Philip Creurer, J.V. Ext. 2158
Tribunal Case Coordinator John Vizza Ext. 2173
Tribunal Case Coordinator Deacon Francis Lau 780-469-4446 Ext. 2174
Administrative Assistant Danielle White Ext. 2170

Mission Services
Senior Lead
Deacon Wayne Provençal Ext. 2437
Human Resources Lead Patrick Snoek Ext. 2150
Finance Lead Lorna Gawlinski Ext. 2440
Finance Assistant Marian Fougere Ext. 2125
Finance Assistant Renee Kuang Ext. 2126
Finance Assistant Aurea Lanon Ext. 2124
Information Technology Lead Joel Smith Ext. 2404
Information Technology Coordinator Armando ‘Buddy’ Lirag Ext. 2402
Facilities Lead Andrew Papenbrock Ext. 2147
Maintenance Serge Gabriel
Maintenance Ciro Vergara Ext. 2148
Housekeeper, Senior Barbara Backwick Ext. 2458
Housekeeper Ana Fuentes
Housekeeper Vicenta Malana
Housekeeper Fofo Zaina Ntambwe

Vicar General: Rev. Jim Corrigan
Assists in the governance of the Archdiocese and acts for the Archbishop in his absence.

Judicial Vicar: Rev. Philip Creurer, J.V.
Acts in the name of the Archbishop and directs the Interdiocesan Tribunal, which assists those requesting a study of a marriage for a possible declaration of nullity. The Tribunal serves the dioceses of Edmonton, St. Paul, Grouard-McLennan and Mackenzie-Fort Smith.

Adjunct Judical Vicar: Rev. Dean Dowle

Episcopal Vicar for Clergy: Rev. Paul Kavanagh
In addition to serving as Rector of St. Joseph’s Basilica, he retains his role as Mission Leadership Senior Lead.

Archbishop’s Delegate for Safe Environments & Abuse Prevention: Lucy Kaakyo

Chair of the Policy Development and Review Committee: Deacon Francis Lau

Ecclesiastical Assistant to Catholic Social Services: Rev. Patrick Baska
In this role, he will represent the Archbishop to the Board of Directors.

Confidential Abuse Reporting: 1-877-770-6777

Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries


  • Holy Cross Mausoleum & Cemetery
  • Our Lady of Peace Columbarium & Cemetery
  • St. Albert Cemetery
  • St. Anthony Cemetery
  • St. Joachim Cemetery

Family Services Office
14611 Mark Messier Trail NW, Edmonton, AB  T6V 1H4
780-447-2921 | Fax 780-447-7275

Roxanne Burton, Cemeteries Lead
Christina Carpio, Family Advisor
Jill Downing, Family Advisor
Rebecca Fenrich, Family Advisor
Jennifer Magel, Family Advisor
Igor Raposo, Family Advisor
Millie Schietzsch, Family Advisor