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The Shroud of Turin – Sept. 25

Event Dates & Times:

  • Start Date:September 25, 2:00 pm
  • End Date:September 25, 4:00 pm
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Event Location Information:

  • Location:10825 97 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5H 2M4, Canada

About The Event:

The Shroud of Turin, the most studied artifact in Christendom: Discover the facts about this amazing cloth.


St. Josaphat’s Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral
10825 – 97 Street, Edmonton

Sunday, September 25, 2022, 2 – 4 p.m.

An official full size photographic replica of the Shroud of Turin will be on display, produced under the authority of the Archdiocese of Turin, Italy.

Bishop David Motiuk requested a copy of the Shroud and the Archbishop of Turin was pleased to give one to the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Edmonton. As well, four half Shroud upright displays will also be available for viewing. These were made from photographs taken by Barry Schwortz, the official photographer for the 1978 scientific study of the Shroud.

Photographing the displays is permitted.

With the help of a PowerPoint presentation, we will examine the most intriguing and amazing characteristics of the Shroud of Turin, many of which can be discerned and appreciated only in our time because of advances in science and technology.

We will address these important questions:† What does science say about the cloth?

  • Does it provide any proof of the Resurrection?
  • Has the Shroud of Turin influenced Christian prayer and art and when did we first notice that influence?
  • Do we have any evidence that connects the Shroud of Turin to the first Easter in Jerusalem, 33 A.D.?
  • If it is authentic, what does it mean for our faith?


  • “It was so interesting that I didn’t notice two hours had passed.” (parishioner)
  • “This was a life changing event.” (student)
  • “This was a very worthwhile presentation.” (teacher)

Our presenter, Ed Hecker, taught with Edmonton Catholic Schools for 30 years. He has researched the Shroud since the beginning of his teaching career. His presentation began as a PowerPoint which he created to share the marvels of the cloth with his students. He is currently semiretired and lives in Edmonton. He has a Bachelor of Theology with a double major in Scripture and Dogma which he earned at Newman Theological College and a Bachelor of Education from the U of A.