Called To Protect Workshop – June 12

Event Dates & Times:

  • Start Date:June 12, 1:00 pm
  • End Date:June 12, 3:30 pm
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    Called to Protect
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About The Event:

June 12, Wednesday, 1 p.m. Takes place On-line.

Called to Protect is an abuse prevention training program developed by Praesidium Inc.  A typical training session includes viewing of two videos:

  • The first is a foundation for parents and families which identifies the signs of child abuse and explains how abusers come to commit their offences.
  • The second video, aimed at church ministries, goes into more detail about abuse prevention in the church environment.

Through the videos and group discussion, participants learn tools to identify inappropriate behaviours, methods to report potential abuse, and best practices in ministering safely to the young and vulnerable, such as screening and monitoring.