Archbishop Smith’s letter to Muslim community for Ramadan 2021

17 April 2021

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The theme of hope is central as Archbishop Richard Smith shares his letter the Muslim communities of the Edmonton area as they mark the holy month of Ramadan.

“We live not only for the moment but for eternity, we are concerned not with the fulfilment of self-centred and transient desires but with allowing God to fulfil His will in us,” Archbishop Smith writes in his April 16 letter. “This is the basis or our hope both as Christians and Muslims.

Archbishop Smith adds: “The reason for hope is the divine love God holds for each and every one of us, without exception and without condition. If we choose daily to trust not in ourselves but in the love of God, we shall soon find welling within our hearts a hope that we know is real and that cannot be shaken.”

“May this message from me and our Catholic Church be a source of encouragement to you throughout your holy month of fasting, prayer and alms-giving and let us re-commit ourselves in this time to the ways of dialogue, peace, friendship and hope.”

Archbishop Smith’s letter coincides with a letter published by the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue reminding Christians and Muslims that they are called to be witnesses, restorers and builders of hope, especially for those experiencing difficulties and despair.