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Volunteer Management

As part of our initiative in Safe Envrironments and Abuse Prevention, the Archdiocese of Edmonton has strengthened screening and training requirements for all employees as well as for volunteers who serve in any parish or archdiocesan ministries or programs.

The Archdiocese will provide training for the designated Volunteer Coordinator in each parish to assist the parish in implementing the new Volunteer Management Policy so that we can ensure, to the best of our ability, that all programs and ministries operate within safe environments.

This month's tip: Control Risks

The Advent/Christmas season is a time for special celebrations -- often a time for bringing people together from all over to your parish for different events, parties, and activities.

While your existing monitoring plans are likely effective for everyday activities, they might not be sufficient to ensure the safety of the youth or vulnerable persons in your ministries during this high-traffic time of year.

Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind as you plan an event at your parish:

  • Remind employees and volunteers of your monitoring plans and revise plans where necessary based on new activities; e.g. a children's Christmas party.
  • Block off all unused locations so that there are no areas where program participants can find privacy with one another or where one adult could find privacy with a program participant.
  • Identify the "hot spots" within your facility where supervision is difficult. 
  • Designate specific employees to walk through "hot spots" while events are taking place to watch for any high-risk or unusual activity.
  • Do not allow unmonitored access into the building through the back or side doors. 

Other steps to building a monitoring plan:

  1. Identify the architectural or facility risks areas, for example, unused room, hallways, and areas under the stairs.
  2. Determine a system for consistently and effectively monitoring these areas, for example, create a checklist that includes instructions for monitoring high risk areas.
  3. Determine a method for documenting the monitoring system, for example, assign staff member who will indicate the time on the monitoring checklist each time the high risk area is checked.
  4. Create accountability by reviewing the checklist at the end of each day.

Policy documents

Policies are available in Section 300 of our Policies page.

Following are links to the policy documents that Volunteer Coordinators will be working with:

Some Position Descriptions for Volunteers

For specific inquiries, contact Lucy Kaakyo, Coordinator, Office of the Lay Apostolate, at 780-469-1010 ext. 2134.

Or email using the Contact Us link and selecting Lay Apostolate.