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Here are some answers to questions you may have about Together We Serve, the new integrated annual appeal in the Archdiocese of Edmonton. Click the plus sign Maximize to open and close the answer text.

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Why have an annual appeal? Maximize
What is the fundraising goal of Together We Serve 2021? Maximize
Can I designate my donation to certain organizations? Maximize
If this is an annual appeal, why are there still so many envelopes in my collection envelope box? Maximize
What if I cannot afford to give my entire donation all at one time? Maximize
Do I need to stop donating to the Together We Serve organizations that I am supporting directly? Maximize
There are often large natural and human created disasters in the world. Are we still going to give to disaster relief as these occasions arise? Maximize
What is the Parish Share (rebate) Program? Maximize
What happens if my parish does not achieve its target? Maximize
Who administers the appeal funds? Maximize
How do I plan my giving? Maximize