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VIDEO: Back to the Faith

Alana LaPerle grew up in Northern Alberta in a catholic household. But it wasn't until she was in her 20's and met a Baptist minister who recommended a book by an Anglican, when she really fell in love with the faith she was raised in.

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Bishops denounce new federal restrictions on summer job grants

Canada Summer Jobs restrictions an “obvious and regrettable infringement” on constitutional rights to freedom of conscience and religion: CCCB.

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From drugs and bikes to the solitude of a monastery

It’s a dramatically different life compared to his own childhood and the wild days of his youth. How does Hieromonk Kraychuk explain the transformation? “It’s the mystery of God’s calling.” 

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Sisters find joy, tears, and renewed faith thanks to palliative care

“Mom taught us not only how to live, but she also taught us how to die.”

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Faith, determination & love credited in remarkable recovery of unstoppable teacher

“Seeing kids do amazing work, and just kind of realizing how lucky I am to be back in this position, I felt like … I don’t know exactly what it is … I may have been down, but I never felt like I was going to be out.”

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Suffering could be the shakeup we need, says Father Rolheiser

“People who couldn’t talk to each other are now living in each others’ houses,” said Rolheiser, who is president of the Oblate School of Theology in San Antonio, Texas.

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Business leaders choose faith over Sunday shopping

“The culture is better, sales are better, and customer satisfaction is higher. It’s been interesting because we’re busier with the day closed. The Lord moves in mysterious ways.”

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Corpus Christi procession brings faith to downtown streets

“The music is absolutely amazing, and it’s beautiful to see the faith being brought to the streets and the beauty of our Catholic faith being shown in public,” said Daniel Jodoin, who lives in Grande Prairie. “I just have reverence for the Lord, to God, whether I’m in church or not.”

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Edmonton faith leaders defend religious freedoms

Faith leaders in Edmonton say religious freedoms are under threat and it’s time to defend them: “None of us are free until all of us are free, and there are no exceptions to this,” said Netta Phillet, one of 250 delegates to the inaugural Religious Freedoms: A Community Conversation.

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