Homily of Friday, April 13, 2012
Easter Octave
Delivered at St. Joseph's Basilica

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Cardinal Thomas Collins preaches in Edmonton April 13, 2012It’s wonderful to be back here in this basilica and to see you once more. I thank Archbishop Smith for his welcome and I look forward after Mass to meeting with you and having a time to be together again. I very much appreciate your presence this evening.

We are in these marvellous days after Easter when we reflect deeply upon the resurrection of Our Lord, which is the very heart of our faith, to encounter our risen saviour. As we do so, we listen carefully to the words the Lord speaks to us in the Gospel (John 21.1-14) and to the words of the disciples, and what they say in response to the risen Lord.  I’d like to just briefly reflect on two of these expressions.

First of all, the Lord speaks to the disciples. He gives them some fishing instructions, for one thing. He tells them how to get a large catch of fish. But he says something amazing that we really have to think about. Our risen Saviour says to them, “Let’s have some breakfast.” That’s not the most sublime statement our Lord ever said, Let’s have some breakfast. But it is what he speaks to them, and it’s a reminder to us that our sublime risen Saviour is the Lord, who cares for and love his people. He loves them in the life in which they are serving, in which they find themselves. They’re off fishing, they’re there doing their work, and in the midst of it all, in this most common, ordinary expression ‒  C’mon, let’s have some breakfast ‒  they hear the voice of the risen Lord.

Sometimes we can think in our faith of the God in all his sublimity and majesty, but of course our faith tells us that the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity did not cling to his equality with God, but emptied himself and came into this world, of course, even to his suffering death on the cross, as we have reflected just a short time ago. He came into this world to be the little babe at Bethlehem, so human, so vulnerable – that is Almighty God with us! And he came to help his friends the disciples and so much cared for them practically that he said, “C’mon, let’s have some breakfast together.” That’s the voice of the risen Lord. We can sometimes be too sublime in our faith and forget that the Lord of majesty and glory cares for us one by one in the practicalities of our daily life. Read more