Yesterday we learned that owing to a serious personal matter, Fr. Stefano Penna will not be able to be present at the March 3rd Stewardship Day event.  After consulting with Archbishop Smith and those directly involved with the planning, we are all agreed that it is near impossible to find a stand-in keynote presenter at this late stage of the planning. 

Therefore, as inconvenient and undesirable as it is, the clearest course is for us to cancel this event for this weekend.

We are acting quite quickly this morning to notify everyone who needs to be contacted about this.  The whole situation is unfortunate, to be sure! On the other hand, we are faced with a hard decision here that no one could foresee or avoid.

Thank you for your ongoing support and all the work you’ve put in to planning this event.  We will resume Stewardship Day in 2013.

In Christ,

Julien Hammond,
Director of Evangelization and Catechesis