A former employee of the Catholic Archdiocese of Edmonton has made public comments about his dismissal.

Like most employers, the Archdiocese does not discuss personnel matters in public, out of respect for the privacy of all involved. However, we can share some general information about our employment practices, without reference to any individual.

Anyone who comes to work at the Archdiocese or one of its parishes agrees to live in accord with the teachings of the Catholic Church and its sacramental theology. For example, the Catholic understanding of marriage is that it is a sacrament, in which a man and a woman promise before God to enter into a committed, exclusive and permanent relationship.

It is particularly important, and understandable, that someone who serves in a leadership or teaching role in the Church be a practising Catholic who lives in accord with its teachings. In human rights legislation this is referred to as a 'bona fide occupational requirement' for a particular position.

Lorraine Turchansky
Chief Communications Officer 

February 8, 2018