St. Joseph Basilica was packed today with sisters, family and many friends of Sister Annata Brockman, a beloved educator catechist and counsellor who served in the Archdiocese for more than 50 years. Funeral services will take place in Halifax, where she had returned to be cared for by her community, the Sisters of Charity.

In his homily at the memorial Mass for Sister Annata, Archbishop Richard Smith recalled that Sister Annata spoke many times about serving Jesus through serving others.

"Her centre was Jesus, and she wanted nothing other than for people to know his love and the transformation of life that happens when we live in and from that love," he said. "I cannot remember any conversation I had with Sister Annata in which she did not speak of Jesus and his tender love, of her wonder that God had poured into her heart a great love for others, of the needs of God's people and her desire to be of some help to them, and of her readiness to do whatever the Lord asked of her. And no conversation ever ended without a word of encouragement. I expect that anyone whose life was touched by hers has had the same experience."

Even in her final hours, Sister Annata's thoughts went to others. 

"Her niece Bernice shared with me that Sister began her final conversation with these words: 'I have offered my whole life that every person in the whole world would come to know the Lord and that His Love is unconditional.'

"Well, many persons have been blessed because of that self-offering, especially the people of this Archdiocese in which she worked for more than fifty years. Her many family members gathered here mourn her loss. So do we all. 

"Yet at the same time we cannot help but rejoice for her and with her as Jesus now leads her by his mercy to the goal of her life's course, toward eternal communion with the Lord she long has loved."

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