The Archdiocese has posted its Annual Report for 2015.

In his introductory letter to the report, Archbishop Richard Smith reviews the pastoral highlights of the year and expresses appreciation for the continuing generosity of parishioners -- whether it's to the regular Sunday collection, the annual Together We Serve appeal, or special initiatives such as support for victims of natural disaster or sponsorship of refugee families. 

"Please remember that all your prayers, all your acts of mercy, and every gift you share ... are deeply appreciated," The Archbishop writes. "May the Lord of Mercy bless you for your loving service to our needy brothers and sisters, and for your generous support of His Church."

The Archdiocese aims to be a careful steward of the gifts of the people of God and to provide faithful and professional services to parishes. The annual report will give you an idea of how these gifts were put into action by the Archdiocese.

Operating revenues for the Archdiocese are collected from parishes through an assessment to parishes called the cathedraticum. In 2015 the cathedraticum provided $4.355 million, while departmental operating expenses came in at $4.577 million. The net operational deficit for 2015 was $697,086, compared with a net operational surplus of $807,157 in 2014.

To see more details or to review the combined financial statements as audited by Doyle & Company, please visit our Finance Office page at

To look up the annual Charity Information Return filed by the Archdiocese, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website at If you have further questions, please contact the Finance Office at 780-469-1010.

We are grateful to Catholics across the Archdiocese who have shared their time, diverse talents and resources to build a vibrant faith community. We thank all parishioners for helping us make the presence of Christ known throughout our community and across the world.