Newman Theological College is pleased to announce the appointment of Sr. Dr. Zoe Bernatsky SSMI to the position of Academic Dean for a one‐year term during the 2016‐17 academic year, commencing July 1, 2016.

As Academic Dean, Sr. Zoe will be the Chief Academic Officer of the College. Her responsibilities include oversight of College faculty; course planning to ensure the needs of students in all of our programs are met; working with students, faculty and staff to implement academic policies of the College; coordinating the overall assessment and development of academic programs; and offering expert advice to faculty, campus partners and others about the College’s academic programs and requirements.

“In her time at Newman, Sr. Zoe has become a highly respected member of the faculty," College President Dr. Jason West said of her appointment. "She brings to her new position a rare combination of theological wisdom, administrative experience, pastoral compassion, and a rich sense of the spirit of collegiality.”

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