In his homily at Thursday's Mass before the Alberta March for Life, Archbishop Smith described the March as an important act of public witness.

"Often we are accused of seeking to impose our beliefs upon society," the Archbishop said. "In fact, though, this is not a matter of imposing our beliefs or position on society, or of interfering in another person's autonomy or choice. Our centuries-long and steadfast opposition to abortion, and now to the legalization of assisted suicide and euthanasia, is not an imposition but a defense. 

"We are defending the dignity of every human life. We are standing against the message, implicit for example in the Supreme Court's Carter decision, that there are some lives not worth living. We are upholding the principle necessary for all people - believers and non-believers alike - to live together in common society: the killing of the innocent is always morally wrong. We defend the inalienable dignity of every human life at all stages of existence, and we advocate that this dignity be upheld in family life, in medical practice, and in the laws of our land.

... The Church's proclamation of the Gospel of life, through word and witness, cannot be defeated, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, and will be brought by God's grace and power to fulfillment in accord with God's design. This is the basis for our courage. This is the reason for our witness. This is why we march."

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