September 6 -  23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Road to Discipleship:
He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak

Have you ever struggled to explain what you mean to someone who cannot understand you? A spouse, a child, a neighbour, a supervisor? This deaf man’s friends begged Jesus to lay his healing hand on their friend. The fellow’s friends had likely tried for years to understand his garbled speech. Jesus drew the deaf man aside and healed him away from the noisy crowd with the touch of his finger and a little saliva. We often find our attempts to communicate blocked. Perhaps hearts and ears are closed when communication fails. Whether we are deaf to another’s meaning, or mute to explain our own, Jesus can heal both. Our sighs and prayers, and his, will open the way.

These weekly reflections are provided by the Office of Catechesis. You are welcome to use in your personal prayer life, or to publish in parish bulletins or community newsletters.