Sunday, November 24, marks the official closing of the Jubilee 100 Year in the Archdiocese of Edmonton and the Year of Faith in the worldwide Church. You are warmly invited to join Archbishop Smith for 5 p.m. Mass at St. Joseph's Basilica to celebrate this special year.

The goal of the Year of Faith, which was proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI, has been to educate Catholics about basic Church teachings, strengthen their faith and inspire them to share it with others.

In his first encyclical Lumen Fidei, Pope Francis described the Year of Faith as "a time of grace which is helping us to sense the great joy of believing and to renew our wonder at the vast horizons which faith opens up."

"The Year of Faith was inaugurated on the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Council," the encyclical reads."This is itself a clear indication that Vatican II was a Council on faith, inasmuch as it asked us to restore the primacy of God in Christ to the centre of our lives, both as a Church and as individuals. The Church never takes faith for granted, but knows that this gift of God needs to be nourished and reinforced so that it can continue to guide her pilgrim way. The Second Vatican Council enabled the light of faith to illumine our human experience from within, accompanying the men and women of our time on their journey."

Throughout this special year, Catholics have been encouraged to participate in the Christian tradition of pilgrimage. Have you participated in a pilgrimage in the last year? Or are you planning to accompany His Grace on his Jubilee pilgrimage to the Holy Land this month? Come for a special blessing of all pilgrims during the Mass on November 24.

"Faith becomes operative in the Christian on the basis of the gift received, the love which attracts our hearts to Christ (cf. Gal 5:6), and enables us to become part of the Church’s great pilgrimage through history until the end of the world," wrote Pope Francis. "For those who have been transformed in this way, a new way of seeing opens up; faith becomes light for their eyes."