More than 1,500 people from across Edmonton gathered at St. Theresa's Parish on Wednesday to join Archbishop Smith for a special Mass in solidarity with the people of the Philippines. Prayers were offered for all those who died in the devastating super Typhoon Haiyan, and for those who continue to suffer.

"This mass tonight is an expression of the solidarity of this Archdiocese and the whole Church with each and every one of you here in this time of distress, and with the beloved people of your home country in their suffering, Archbishop Smith said during his homily

"The images have left us all in awe at the power of nature. News reports tell us over and over that we have not seen anywhere before now a storm as powerful as Typhoon Haiyan. Pictures that tell the tale of its destructive might have brought us here tonight to pray. But this is not the only image that compels us. In faith we gaze upon another image that we know has a power far beyond anything in nature, and that draws us together in a way that transforms sorrow and fear into peace and hope. And that is the image of Jesus crucified for us upon the cross."

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