We have posted a new section of the website devoted to the Year of Faith. On these pages you will find a comprehensive list of ideas for marking this special year and answering the call of Pope Benedict XVI for "a time of particular reflection and rediscovery of the faith." (Porta Fidei, n. 4)

"Knowledge of the treasury of faith is essential to a Catholic life fully lived," Archbishop Smith wrote in his Pastoral Letter of September 14, 2012. "However, it is widely acknowledged that today, among our people, such knowledge is seriously diminished. Therefore, we shall take advantage of this special year to help one another renew our understanding and appropriation of what the Church teaches.

"It is very important that we not view this as simply an academic exercise. Yes, faith has a content, which must be known. Yet faith is more. In its essence it is a relationship with God. As such, faith is an opening of the heart to God who has revealed and given himself by sending his Son and Holy Spirit. This movement of the heart is, itself, the gift of God's grace, and it leads us not only to surrender to the person of Christ but also to accept the truth he has made known. This means that the act of faith must be constantly nourished through prayer, reflection upon the Word and celebration of the sacraments, especially the Eucharist and Penance."

Visit Year of Faith for suggestions on prayer, living the Christian life, and learning more about our beautiful faith.