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Admission Requirements


Applicants must be at least 35 years of age at the time of ordination and are eligible for admission to the program until age 60.


Married applicants must have been married at least seven years to qualify for admission to the program. Single men will be required to make a solemn public commitment to the celibate life.


Applicants must be employed, or retired with an income, during the Permanent Diaconate Formation and Study Program, at the time of ordination, and during their Ministry. Permanent deacons do not get paid for their diaconal services.


Applicants will require a certificate of satisfactory health from a doctor. All Applicants must complete a psychological assessment administered by a Chartered Psychologist.


Applicants are required to demonstrate the equivalent of two years of university or college education. Consideration will be given to the demonstration of proficiency through equivalency tests. The Admissions Committee may also take work experience into consideration.


Applicants must provide a Baptismal Certificate, a Confirmation Certificate, and a Marriage Certificate, if applicable.


An Applicant must be a resident within the Archdiocese of Edmonton and be a registered parishioner in one of the parishes of the Archdiocese.


An Applicant must be a person of faith, prudence, and good reputation. The reference documents will be gathered from the Applicant’s pastor, parish lay ministers and parishioners. An Applicant must also have the full support of his spouse and family. A criminal records check will also be required of each applicant for the program.


An applicant should already be involved in service activities within the parish, or in the community. The permanent diaconate is a continuation of service rather than just a beginning.

How Do I Apply?

  1. Those interested in applying for acceptance into the Formation and Study Program must first register themselves as an Inquirer by contacting the Diaconal Formation Lead: Deacon Lynn Pion, 780-469-1010, ext. 2152.
  2. An Inquirer must complete a preliminary phone interview.
  3. Registered Inquirers will be required to attend one of the scheduled Information Sessions for Inquirers before being permitted to request an application form from the Permanent Diaconate Program Director.