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Week for Life and the Family

Facing Life's Challenges Together with Christ

The Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops has approved a national plan in service of the cause of life and the needs of the family. As part of that plan, the Archdiocese of Edmonton presented a series of events during our first annual Week for Life and the Family, May 4-12, 2013.

In their Pastoral Letter, Life and Family: Nurturing God's Precious Gifts, the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the NWT remind us that marriage and family are gifts of God. "As we now embark upon the Week for Life and Family, we wish to reflect with you on the beauty and wonder of these realities, and offer our closeness and support to any who are struggling," the bishops write. Download the full letter.

Some presentations from Week for Life and the Family 2013 can be viewed below. Enjoy!

Building Strong Step-Families

Presenter: Dr. Theresa Zolner - Biography

Dr. Zolner will speak on some of the best practices for helping children and spouses adapt to a new married life. Blending families is not easy; during this workshop, discussion will be had on some of the concerns for blended families and the helpful resources available to spouses and families to aid the transition and develop strong life-long bonds.

Building Strong Step Families from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Clergy Session: Debunking Contraception and Treating Infertility

Presenters: Alethea Peca, Be.L & Dr. Mary Ellen Haggerty, M.D - Biography

Discover how contraception impacts the person on a spiritual, biological, and relational level. Learn healthy medical alternatives for infertility care.

As part of Week for Life and the Family 2013 in Edmonton, Alethea Peca speaks on the Catholic understanding of contraception. Ms. Peca is a PhD candidate in bioethics at the Athenaeum Pontificium Regina Apostolorum in Rome. She is a frequent speaker at workshops and conferences in the Calgary area on beginning and end of life issues, technology, and bioethics and Catholic teaching.

Debunking Contraception from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

As part of Week for Life and the Family 2013 in Edmonton, Dr. Mary Ellen Haggerty speaks on treatment of infertility. A physician for over 40 years, Dr. Haggerty is Chair for the St. Luke’s Catholic Physicians’’ Guild in Edmonton, serves on the board for the Fertility Care Center of Edmonton and currently practices as a family doctor.

Treating Infertility from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Reclaiming Sexual Health: Facing Addiction in a Sex-oriented Society

Presenters: Bruce and Jeannie Hannemann - Biography

Help those in your life avoid pornography addiction or recover from sexual addiction using a professional and science-based program designed to help individuals overcome difficult-to-change behaviors. Bruce Hannemann and Jeannie  Hannemann will take you through their personal experience with pornography addiction, their path to recovery and the hope they found integrating Theology of the Body and brain science in this new healing ministry.

Reclaiming Sexual Health: Facing Addiction in a Sex Oriented Society from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Elizabeth Ministries: Reaching Out to New Moms

Presenters: Jeannie & Bruce Hannemann - Biography

Build community and support in your parish for women and their families through hands on ministries and resources. Learn practical ways to bring Christ to your community. 

The Sandwich Generation: Tips for Living a Balanced Life

Presenter: Dr. Peter Lyons - Biography

Speaking to the generation of adults who are busy working, caring for their children, and the primary care-givers for their aging relatives, Dr. Lyons will explain the ins and outs of managing time, stress, and responsibilities. This workshop will discuss practical tools to help people navigate the daily demands, converse about the positive growth potential, and point out needed conversations.

The Sandwich Generation: Tips for Living a Balanced Life from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Transmitting the Faith to Children

Presenter: Dr. Richard Rymarz - Biography
Witness: Carmel Hunt - Biography

Dr. Rymarz will give practical tips and tools on how to help your young children grow in their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

Want to Give Your Small Children Good Values? from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Planning for your Family’s Financial Future

Presenter: Mark Brunelle - Biography

During this workshop, Mark will discuss some of the real life issues regarding family finances. He will give practical tips for spouses to consider, questions people should ask each other, and long-term issues that should be discussed.

Family Finances: Planning For Your Future from Archdiocese of Edmonton on Vimeo.

Download the Prayer for the National Week for Life and Family