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2018 RCIA Resources for the Archdiocese of Edmonton

This is a unique resource created especially for the Archdiocese of Edmonton in 2018. If you are new to an RCIA team or not, this resource is for you.

The Rite of Christian Initiation in 10 simple leaflets, complete with links to the Archdiocese forms and policies:

  1. Introduction to the Initiation Process
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Marriage
  4. First Step (Inquiry)
  5. First Rites & The Catechetical Team
  6. Second Step
  7. Rite of Calling & Sacraments for Candidates
  8. Lent and the Rite of Election
  9. The Easter Vigil
  10. Mystagogy


Team is an online resource for Catholic parish ministers and volunteers who want to form Christians for life.

They provide accessible and relevant resources through articles and conversations initiated by five leaders in the US church, who have been serving in RCIA ministry for more than two decades.

There are membership levels, but free basic membership provides access to numerous articles:

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  • TeamRCIA offers a variety of online training for church ministers and volunteers, through webinars, e-mail courses, downloads, and discussion forums, led by experts in the field of parish ministry.

  • TeamRCIA makes printed resources available to RCIA ministers and pastoral leaders, and publishes original material that helps ministers serve the mission of the church.