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Study of Scripture in the Catholic tradition

"Life-giving Scripture study in the Catholic tradition..." some people believe there is no such thing. If you are interested in learning more about Scripture, check with your parish for a Scripture study group. If you find there isn't a group, ask your pastor or your parish pastoral council to start one!

Article about growth of Scripture study in the Catholic tradition.

Scripture study for you and your parish

There are many wonderful Scripture study programs your parish might like to use. You can see a list of some of the available programs.

Or you might want to learn how to put Scripture at the centre of your faith life by studying on your own. You can do so here, for free!

Good article about tips for Scripture study success.

Scripture study with children

Resources for children and the Word of God.

You can see a list of some of the available programs.

Praying with Scripture

The booklets linked below—Encountering Jesus, the Living Word—have been developed in conjunction with the Catholic schools of the Archdiocese. They offer you a guided encounter with Scripture from one of the Sunday Gospels for each month between September and June. We have adapted the booklets to be appropriate to use in your parish, in your home, or simply by yourself. Rather than putting calendar dates in the booklets, we have put the dates from the Liturgical Year. The Liturgical Year shows the Church’s arrangement of Sundays, seasons and feasts. Over a period of three years (a three-year cycle), the word of the Lord is presented in its richness and diversity.

We hope to help people deepen the relationship they have with Jesus Christ from praying and reflecting on these Scriptures. The staff in our Catholic schools—from administrators and teachers to support staff—have enjoyed the process presented in these booklets. The process is a form of lectio divina, or sacred reading. The booklet contains an explanation of the process for lectio divina.

Whether you use this form of prayer to open parish meetings, to pray with your families or friends, or to pray alone, remember that the most important aspect of this form or prayer is to let God speak to each person in moments of silence.

Liturgical Year A-B

Liturgical Year B-C

Liturgical Year C-A