ACSTA questions Bill 2: The Education Act

The Government of Alberta is currently working to quickly pass Bill 2: The Education Act, which will change the face of education in Alberta. If passed, Bill 2 has the potential to seriously affect publicly funded Catholic education in Alberta, Catholic school boards, and Catholic schools, teachers, staff, and students.

The Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) is urging you to get involved; become aware of the issues and take action.

Become aware of the issues: Shared Facilities, Blended Boards, and the Primary Role of the Parent as Educator. For more information download the Information Sheet , speak with your local Catholic board and Catholic trustees, or visit

Contact your MLA and tell them: No to Shared Facilities; No to Blended Boards; and Yes to Recognizing the Role of the Parent as Primary Educator.

Let’s join together in a unified Catholic voice!

Tony Sykora

ACSTA President