Our children are great missionaries

The Holy Childhood Association is one of four Pontifical missions, with the unique motto of “Children Helping Children.” Every year, Canadian children support children in mission countries through prayer and sacrificial giving. Their donations are used for children in orphanages, slum areas, street havens, schools, hospitals, refugee camps and centres for the disabled. The money helps provides food, medicine, clean water, shelter and education. In 2015, donations from children in Canada helped children in Antille (Jamaica), Ghana, Madagascar, Mauritius, Namibia, and Thailand.

Once again, children here in the Archdiocese of Edmonton have been very generous. For the 12-month period ending January 31, 2016, the following was raised for the Holy Childhood Association:

Total from the Archdiocese: $106,149.97 

The total contributed to the Holy Childhood Association from all of English Canada for the same period was $304,240.01, so more than one-third came from our parishes and schools.

Some of the largest contributions in the Archdiocese have come from parishes such as St. Theresa's, that allow the children to make donations (typically small change) to the Holy Childhood Association during their weekend liturgies. 

Collectively, these small donations have allowed Pope Francis to meet the needs of many children in developing countries. Please congratulate your children and students on being such great missionaries! 

For more information about the Holy Childhood Association, or to order free educational materials, visit the Holy Childhood Association website.