The Road to Discipleship this week

August 30 - 22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Road to Discipleship: Holiness not external

Humans naturally develop rituals about many things in daily life. Think about how we celebrate birthdays, cheer for sports teams, and even get ready for work each day. The Pharisees and scribes accuse Jesus of not following the cleansing rituals of the Jewish elders. Now Jesus calls these elders hypocrites when they challenge him on the matter. Why? Pharisees and scribes act outwardly like they obey God’s word while they inwardly harbour sinful desires and attitudes. Holiness is not external. Holiness grows in one’s heart. Through his Word and Spirit, God brings our sinful intentions and actions into conscious awareness (our conscience) so we may see ourselves as God does, and then seek God’s mercy, grace, pardon, and healing.

These weekly reflections are provided by the Office of Catechesis. You are welcome to use in your personal prayer life, or to publish in parish bulletins or community newsletters.