The Road to Discipleship this week

August 23 - 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
The Road to Discipleship:
Faithfulness for the long haul

Crowds liked hanging out with the miracle-working, charismatic Jesus. But Jesus’ message in today’s Gospel was hard for some followers to hear. When the going was easy, they stayed loyal. Asking them to eat flesh and drink blood was religiously and socially shameful and scandalous. Many folks left. But Peter and the disciples stayed. They knew the teaching was hard and they didn’t fully understand it. But they trusted Jesus was the Holy One from God and knew they would understand as they stayed connected with him. Discipleship is a response to the covenantal relationship Jesus Christ offers us. Covenants demand that both parties hang in for the long haul… and Jesus never gives up on us!
These weekly reflections are provided by the Office of Catechesis. You are welcome to use in your personal prayer life, or to publish in parish bulletins or community newsletters.