Catholic Education Sunday

In their annual letter of reflection for Catholic Education Sunday, the Catholic Bishops of Alberta and the Northwest Territories focus on the importance of family. 

"...Certainly in our schools we find many children who arrive having already received a good start on the journey of faith, from their families," the Bishops write. "However, not only is this increasingly not the case, but also we find today many young people coming to our Catholic schools who do not have a Biblical understanding of human nature itself and who are, on such questions, completely dependent on the opinions of the ‘popular culture.’

"This latter fact is a major challenge for Catholic schools and education but at the same time, is this not a great opportunity and occasion for evangelization?

"Catholicism and therefore Catholic education has a rich and beautiful “Good News” about our human nature in the light of our Risen Lord. Our Church’s proclamation on our humanity and therefore the family finds its foundation in the life and preaching of Jesus, who lived and grew up in the family of Nazareth."

Entitled "Sharing the Good News about our Human Nature," the letter is meant to be shared on Sunday, November 9. 

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