Seeking forgiveness?

God's mercy is abundant; see for yourself at a Lenten penitential service. To find one at a parish near you, checkour online schedule of Penitential Services for times and places across the Archdiocese.

What else are you doing during Lent?

The Church prescribes fasting (only one full meal and two smaller meals which together are not greater than a full meal) and abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. Catholics aged 18-59 are bound to fast; those 14 and older to abstinence. Those who are ill are freed from these obligations. Everyone, even those above the age of 59, are encouraged to fast and abstain. Parents and educators are reminded of their duty to introduce children gradually to the understanding and practice of penance.

S.29 of Canada’s liturgical calendar, the Ordo, specifies that Fridays are special days of abstinence. This includes Fridays of Lent, although Catholics can substitute special acts of charity or piety on these days.