NMB texts and webcast archive available

Nothing more beautiful than telling others of our friendship with Him!

In addition to the hundreds of people who gathered at St. Jospeh's Basilica on Thursday night for Nothing More Beautiful, many more participated via our new live webcast. More than 125 parishioners at Our Lady of Perpetual Help Parish in Sherwood Park met at their own church to join in the Evening Prayer liturgy and listen to Archbishop Smith's catechesis on "The Call to Holiness" and David Wells' humble and humorous witness. "The experience was an engaging and prayerful one," Bonnie Kirk of OLPH told us. If your parish or group would consider a similar kind of gathering to view the next Nothing More Beautiful encounter from afar, check out the Webcast page to see an archived version of the October 27th event.

Texts of the speakers' presentations are also available for download: Archbishop Smith and David Wells.