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Examine Your Conscience

To make a meaningful confession, we must prepare by examining our conscience. This simply means that we review our past thoughts, words, actions and intentions so that we will be able speak with the priest about our sins. The depth and nature of this examination will vary with our age and stage in life.

Here are some guides to Examination of Conscience that you can download and print:

For Grades 2-3

For Grades 4-6

For Teens

For Young Adults

For Single Persons

For Married People

For Older People

For Those who are Sick

For Those who have been Away a Long Time or Making First Adult Confession

Recommended videos 

How do you know what to confess? (2:00)

How does our Conscience Work? (2:01)

From the Brothers in Black.


 Examination of Conscience  (3:37)

Some punchy music and thought-provoking questions.


 What do I Know of You? What do I know of Holy? (4:35)

An Examination of Conscience for High School Students (6:03)


For more helpful videos, visit our Reconciliation Videos page.